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JLH delivery

Shipping Process

After production and testing, your PCB orders will be sent to our shipping department. As the quick turn PCB manufacturer, ALPCB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD shipping department will ship your PCB quickly without any pending. For example, the 24 hours express PCB order will be shipped out in 24 hours after it is fabricated. The same follows for the 48 hours express.

How to Ship the Goods?

Firstly, ALPCB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD shipping department will confirm the invoice and packing list with customers,after got Approval,ALPCB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD will print order address and invoice in DHL system.
Secondly, ALPCB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD will set the shipment information on the DHL website.
Thirdly, the DHL staff will collect the package from ALPCB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD and ship it to you.Our agent will update tracking number to customers and keep customers updated with shipping status.

Shipping Package.

To avoid shipping damage, we will pack our PCBs in several steps by difference package material.

● Firstly, the PCB order will be packed by vacuum bubbles bag.
● Secondly, after vacuum package it will be packed at our special carton boxes. We have designed several special carton boxes in difference sizes to pack and ship the PCB orders.
● At last, the package will be packed by shipping company bag or others wrapper.

Shipping Term.

With the purpose of better customer service and meeting the customer demand, ALPCB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD provide following shipping methods for the order delivery.

1) DHL

DHL is the global express, intercontinental transport and air cargo leader as well as the worlds’first shipping and contract logistics provider. ALPCB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has signed a contract with DHL to provide discounts to all customers dealing with ALPCB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD

● DHL shipping time:
It normally takes 3 to 7 business days to arrive in most destinations worldwide.

● DHL shipping advantage:
1. DHL provides fast delivery in 3-7 days to the destination. For example, DHL could ship goods to European countries and North America in 3 days and to Southeast Asia in 2 days.
2. DHL has great distribution networks throughout the world.
3. You can track update goods status online timely by track number and easily access to each point in time when the goods shipment arrives.
4. The goods which exceed weight by 21 kg will have reasonable bulk delivery pricing.
5. DHL has great capability in clearance and rapid clearance speed in worldwide

Remarks for shipping by DHL:

1. Remote area shipping cost some of your shipping address may belong to the remote areas considered by DHL company, you can check your address if it belongs to the remote area by DHL web site link: http://raslist.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp. If yes, extra $32 shipping cost will be charged by DHL company.
2. Customs tax fees is different in different countries, before shipping you may consult with your local DHL company or customs office to check the detailed information about customs tax fees. The customs tax fees is different in different countries, before shipping you may consult with your local DHL company or customs office to check the detailed information about customs tax fees.

2) Hong Kong Post Air Mail

HK post refers to ship the international goods to customer via Hong Kong Post Air Mail. HK post shipping time. It normally takes 7 to 20 business days to arrive at most destinations worldwide.

1. HK post could arrive in more than 200 countries and regions. HK post can ship the goods to the customer at almost any country or region as long as the place has the local post office.
2. HK post International parcel offshore processing time usually require only one day and the maximum time will not be more than three days. the maximum time will not more than three days
3. Compared to other delivery terms (such as EMS, DHL, FedEx, etc.), HK post has the absolute price advantage. It can minimize shipping costs.
* Attention: HK post Weight requirements: The weight of single package limit is no more than 2kg. And the delivery may not always be on time. If your order is urgent, please choose DHL or other express way. If you would like to ship the goods by other shipping terms, please feel free to contact our customer service by e-mail or online chat system. Thank you.

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