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Automated Optical lnspection (AOI)


AOl relers to automated optcal inspectlon, and lt is an inspection method used in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly.The AoOl inspectlon machineuses hlgh-resolution cameras and systems with difrert light sources such as fuorescence.UV. ED. and nfrared to capture the lmage arrys.Then thesimages will be processed and to remind engineers of any potentlal problems.

Aol is the mot important step in the quality control stage of PCE/PCBA fabrication lt s the last proces before delvering the final PCB products to customers. And AOl test performs well in reducing costs and solving problems at an early stage.


The capabilities of Aol

AOl s an effctve method to detect surface defects and inner lsues for both bare PCB and PCBAs.For the PCBs insuficlent or excessive solder. clrcutshorts opens scratches and staIns are the example defects that Aol will nspect For the PCBA the irspecto ssues usull re incoect/missing components. polarity.and values.

The advantages of AOlTunability

The AOl equipment can be adjusted accoding to the needs of the assembled PCBs.For example, the replacement components or some issues that areacceptable could be marked as defects.But the AOl operators can adjut the programing toflter cut these acceptable problems and awoid them beingmarked in the future inspection.

More accuracy

AOl can check cut the defects that are hard to be found through a tradltional isual examinatlon And Aol can be run at any stage of PCB-assembly.somePCB assembly manufacturers will run Aol multiple tlmes at different production processes to achleve a high-quality standard.

. More efficient

Teditional marnual inspectlon processes need techniclans to ook at every component and mark them one by one.The entire visual Inspectlon may takeone hour t s a time-consuming work with low accuracy. especally for he complex PCBs However.AOl only needs one minute to run through the wholboard, which can reduce labor cost and time cost greatly.

. Cost-effective

AOl can be arranged at any stage of PCB manufacturing. Because most defects are caused during welding we recommend running AOl afer refRow sotdering f customers need a high inspection efficlency and lower cost.And compared to automatic Yeray inspecton AOl is cheaper in soldering defectinspection.


The demand for Aol s growing due to the trend over ever-smaller SMT components.As a vital inspectlon system AoOl allows PCB manufacturers to mea-sure and monitor the quality of PCB fabrication and correct any defects at any critical moment in the manufacturing process

AOl sfast and more accurate than visual inspectlon JLH TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD owns advanced Aol cquipment and software to meet the requrement for accuracy.speed, and productlon.Please use our online quctation system or send Emalstous ifyou want to know the cot and the delver time aboutyour PCBdesign.

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