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UL Certification

What is UL?

UL stands for Underwriter’s Laboratories, and its core service is setting safety standards for the electronics industry from household electronics to consumer electronics, industrial equipment, computers, and PCBs. UL mark means greater market acceptance, which indicates that the products have passed rigorous safety tests.

There are two UL certification classes in electronic products: UL Listed label and UL’s recognized component mark. UL Listed label means the whole product are officially audited and certified by UL, and it complies with UL safety standards. And the UL’s recognized component mark always is printed on the PCBs and other sub-components used in the UL-listed products.

For PCBs, the primary standard is UL 796, the specific PCB standards, and UL 94 for flammability testing of all plastics. For electrical products, fire protection and electrical safety are the key issues in the UL test. If safety and flammability are the key points customers concern, UL certification is required.


Why PCB with a UL-certified PCB manufacturer?

UL request manufacturers to strictly test their products by following correct procedures to minimize the quality issues and safety problems. The products that are UL certified undergo more rigorous and stricter tests. Therefore, customers will get a quality-assured PCB fabrication service from a UL certified manufacturer.

Firstly, UL certification is a seal of quality that helps customers identify whether the manufacturer’s fabrication processes and products meet a high standard of safety and environment. UL certification allows the PCB manufacturer to provide PCB assembly services worldwide.

Secondly, the components must be purchased from UL-certified suppliers if the final products need to be UL listed. This helps to make sure that the critical components meet the standards set for UL design. And customers can get the right spares easily when the products need repairs and maintenance.

Thirdly, UL certified manufacturers, can ensure their products and manufacturing processes with reliable quality and production capability. Because UL mark means the products have been passed a number of performance tests to ensure the fire safety and long-term reliability of the PCBs.


JLH TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD UL specifications

JLH TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD has been UL-certified for both USA and Canada since 2018. Our certificate number is E519533.

For the PCBs that need UL marking, we use substrates and other materials that meet UL requirements. If your PCBs need to meet the UL requirements, please tell us the UL parameters required for the end applications.

Please note that all the UL certified PCBs and components have UL logos. And you can check the UL certifications through two ways: Online certifications directory on www.UL.com and the UL iQ database on iq.ul.com. Any other questions, contact us!

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